Anticipando is an expression of the prayer and worship movement that has come about in response to having our eyes opened to the beauty and absolute worthiness of Jesus Christ. The Prayer Room in La Paz started up in 2001 and grew out of an awakening to deeper intimacy that God brought about to Kairos Church around this time.

Anticipando came about in 2003 and our desire is to add our voice to that of the cry coming from the Bride of Christ rising up from many different nations calling for Jesus – our Beloved - to return.

Anticipando is a Christian foundation that is committed to encouraging and strengthening the prayer and worship movement that seeks to exalt Jesus in Bolivia and the nations.

Our vision is to work together with different parts of the Body of Christ so that the Church would embrace a culture of prayer. In this way, through equipping and helping to establish prayer rooms in different contexts and cities, we are serving to hasten the great harvest we believe is coming soon.

Welcome! We want to make sure that you are able to enjoy your experience with God as you spend time in His presence! The idea of the prayer room is to provide a place to meet with God by creating an atmosphere of continuous prayer and worship in the same Spirit as that of the Tabernacle of David.

We offer the Lord our prayers soaked in worship as we take His Word and simply turn it into a conversation with Him, crying out for His purposes to be fulfilled and recognizing who He really is. We are convinced that sung prayers expand our capacity for enjoying God and enable us to spend more time interceding.


The courses we offer run for 3 months of weekly classes and you can subscribe to as many classes as you would like. The cost of each course is Bs. 150. If you sign up for 3 courses or if you subscribe at least 1 week in advance of the start date you will be entitled to a 10% discount.


Works of Justice

You can walk in the good works your Father has prepared for you and be part of the answer to other people’s prayers! The Works of Justice Team acts as a bridge, linking the Church with the prayer and worship movement and local projects working with people at risk, as well as offering prayer support to the work carried out by these different organizations and seeks to encourage the Church to ensure that she is walking in active faith (James 2:14-17). There is so much need and as friends of the Bridegroom we are called to carry the reality of His Presence to the people around us who most need Him. You can choose how best to serve by working with the following different areas:

  1. Children at risk 
  2. Women caught up in the sex trade
  3. The elderly
  4. Prophetic evangelism

Please get in touch with Rachel Davies: , love to have you as part of the team.


“LA CASA DE MI PADRE” is a project with the mission of contributing to the transformation of the area of Chasquipampa through working with children and women in the surrounding areas near to where the House of Prayer is currently located through education and the arts with the aim of enabling those who attend to get to know their true Father.

The vision of this Project comes from John 2: 13–22, where we see the longing of Jesus’ heart for us to know the Father and experience His freedom, hope and love - all of which are freely available to us as children of the Living God.

Our dream is to become a discipleship center where God’s perfect love and His total acceptation of us would break the cycles of violence, addictions and abuse, bringing full restoration.

La Casa de mi Padre is a Project that works jointly with Anticipando and the local church. To make a donation to this Project please click HERE (connect to paypal). You can also support us in many different practical ways. If you are willing to give up some time to help children or teenagers with their homework or if you could teach music, arts or crafts you would be very welcome to join us as a volunteer. For more information, please write to:

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