¿WHAT are the benefits of having a prayer room in my city?

  1. The prayer room provides a place to encounter God for all those who do not have a suitable place to pray in their own homes.
  2. It’s hard for many of us to pray and it is such a help to be immersed in a community that is embracing the culture of prayer and worship.
  3. It is vital to come into agreement with God and others regarding what we are asking Him for. If we are growing in our relationship with the Lord, we grow in love and this affects all our other relationships. The prayer room provides a space where we are able to cultivate authentic friendships.
  4. Even though God is everywhere and longs to have a relationship with us that goes beyond the 4 walls of our churches, our tendency is to disconnect ourselves from Him, and taking our eyes off Him causes us to fill our lives up with numerous activities whilst forgetting to cultivate and care for our walk with the Lord. Having time and a special place to be with Him is key to not being carried away by the routine and concerns that so easily engulf us.

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